Men flat sketches for jackets and outerwear

Image description

Jackets and outerwear are used as clothes and accessories to get protection from dust, sunlight and cold.

Our team has made designs for the jackets and outerwear which gives designers the best alternatives to develop their products.

Fashion designers, graphic designers, can also use these flat images to showcase their products in some exhibition or presentation. 

It is a bundle of designs that gives clear idea and vision of other product designs because we have included the best jacket’s designs and illustration and the jackets and outerwear which are trendy and attractive.

150+ styles and designs

During our career in the fashion industry, we have come across some beautiful designs of jackets. Hence, we have included them in this eBook. Mainly we have made,

•    Anaraks, duffle with toggle, hood for women and men.

•    Quilted padded Jackets for casuals and party wears.

•    Denim Jackets.

•    Active sports vest/gilet with front zipper and hood to give comfort while playing outdoor games.

•    Windbreakers, Anoraks, Parkas for athletes.

•    Funnel, with stand Collar; self-belt jacket. Cardigan to have protection in winter.

•    Motorcycle front zippers closure for adventurous people. Polar fleece jackets which are commonly used by the people.


And other designs which are more than one hundred in total gives the tremendous collection to a designer who is passionate about animation and fashion.




•    This illustration made by our team can be used easily in any documentations and presentation as models.

•    Easy to manage.

•    Easy to transfer.

•    Time-saving and cost effective since basic design is always ready and designer is not supposed to design it from scratch.

•    Better deal in reasonable price.


We have made an eBook costing $33 and composed a tremendous number of flat designs of jackets and outerwear. We are also giving a primary colour as a bonus gift with the purchase.