Men flat sketches for woven tops

Image description

Woven tops are shirts with long sleeves with eye-catchy designs. We have made designs covering all the types of woven tops available in the market.

These cloths are used by specific targeted audiences. The people who always love to be intact and who wants to wear cloths with buttons stitched perfectly at proper places chooses woven tops.

Woven tops are the shirts used as casual wears. Few designs are also used as formal wears. Our team has made some creative illustration in the eBook to ease the work of designers.

150+ styles are available

Through our huge experience at the industry, we have come across many designs and book is obviously worth costing because those styles and designs we have included in our eBook.


  • Woven long sleeves shirts with pockets details.
  • Button-Down collar.
  • Band Nehru collar, Spread collar.
  • Oversize tunic, caftan with half -placket.
  • Short sleeves with cuff. Wing collar, pockets details with buttons.
  • French cuffs, hidden placket, point collar, buttoned down, tuxedo collar.
  • Constrated detail, stitch/seam detail..
  • Patchwork/pieced, colour-blocked short sleeves.
  • Rolled-up sleeves.


Since people with specific likings in the fashion loves to wear woven tops, our designs and flat designs let you get those customers and make them fall for your product and comfort you provide in shirts.


Designers can easily get those customers easily due to using these illustrations in just $33 and with a sample colour we give as a bonus.




It is really time saving and also cost effective to use the eBook we provide.


The main advantages that would be covered are,


•    The layouts are made in illustrator.

•    Easy to access from anywhere.

•    Easy to carry in your electronic devices.

•    Covers almost every type of design of dresses.

•    Such a good product in better pricing option.